High Tech Solutions for High Volume Hog Control

Founded in 2006, JAGER PRO™ consists of ten retired Soldiers with over 220 years of combined military training and experience. They were the first private company to develop military-grade technology and methods to harvest 20,000+ feral swine in Georgia.

Their team trains and implements Integrated Wild Pig Control™ strategies to farmers, landowners, plantation owners, extension agents, wildlife biologists, government agencies and academia to accomplish 100% removal of entire sounders at one time. Upon military retirement, they simply adapted their mission from a two-legged enemy to a four-legged invasive species using the same technology, strategy and tactical precision.

JAGER PRO™ Accomplishments

  • Founded thermal hog control and cellular/electronic trapping methods in the United States.
    Training videos have surpassed 6.8 million views on YouTube.
    JAGER PRO YouTube Channel

  • Awarded the largest feral swine removal contract ever paid by the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD). The contract was to efficiently remove the entire feral hog population from 5,000 acres in Vienna, GA due to triple levels of fecal E-coli bacteria in the Pennahatchee Creek. They successfully accomplished this mission by removing 624 pigs in 76 events.

  • Patented the M.I.N.E.™ (Manually Initiated Nuisance Elimination™) Trapping System.

  • Developed the Integrated Wild Pig Control™ program. IWPC™ is a strategic approach using a series of innovative lethal control methods and technologies implemented in a specific sequence based on seasonal food sources. Emphasis is placed on efficient removal of the entire sounder at one time to eliminate escapes, reproduction and education. The control strategies must continually change throughout the various seasons to effectively target adaptive survivors.

  • Contracted with RFD-TV to film, host and produce 26 national television shows annually.

  • Removed 20,000+ feral pigs from Georgia farms with no aerial gunning.

  • Three years of thermal product testing and equipment fielding at the US Army Infantry Combat Development Center at Fort Benning, Georgia.

  • Three years of research with FLIR engineers to develop commercial thermal optics.

  • Eight years of feral swine trapping research, product testing and equipment fielding in 12 states.

  • Trained and equipped government wildlife agencies and private landowners on new hog control methods and technologies to solve human-wildlife conflicts in 12 states.

  • Wrote 2009 paper titled, “Military Thermal Technology Adapted to Wildlife Control and Management” for the Thirteenth Wildlife Damage Management Proceedings.

  • Only private company to provide Best Management Practices (BMP) input to the Southeastern Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (SEAFWA) Wild Pig Working Group.

  • Only private company to provide Best Management Practices (BMP) input to the Georgia Feral Swine Working Group.

  • Developed, patented, trademarked or copyrighted multiple feral swine control products. First company to train and market these technologies to the civilian public.